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José Zurita

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Karlsruhe

Exploring the Lifetime Frontier

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While there are several theoretical motivations on why Physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) should be near the electroweak scale, there is no evidence in the current experimental data. One intriguing possibility is that this new Physics that might explain long-standing theoretical puzzles (e.g: hierarchy problem, dark matter, matter- antimatter asymmetry, neutrino mases, strong CP-problem) involves new BSM particles with macroscopic lifetimes, usually referred to as “Long-Lived Particles” (LLPs). While the LHC is in most cases a natural source of LLPs, it is also true that the current detectors are not built with LLPs as its primary physics target, and hence in the last few years several external detectors haven been proposed or even commissioned (MATHUSLA, FASER, CODEX-b, MoEDAL, AL3X, ANUBIS, MilliQan). Likewise existing experiments can have LLP capabilities (NA62, SeaQuest) In this talk I will motivate the existence of LLPs from theoretical considerations, briefly discuss the capabilities of the newly proposed experiments, and discuss several examples of the broad palette of the interesting and exciting signatures.



Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas

Centro de Fisica Teorica de Particulas, Lisbon


Robert Szafron